How A VA Will Relieve Your Stress

We are joined by Korryn Haines from Encore Admin Consulting. We’ve been working with Korryn this year and she has been our admin and tech guru; and we’ve invited her on this episode of The Joinery Business Podcast.


There are 4 key areas that joinery businesses should look at in their businesses. Korryn will discuss these areas and give us tips on what to look out for and how to implement tech to make our admin tasks seamless and easier to manage.

In this episode

  • Korryn tells us more about her business, Encore Admin Consulting
  • The advantage of offering online services.
  • 4 key areas to look at in joinery businesses.
  • Walking through the 4 key areas of operations, marketing, sales and delivery.
  • Admin tech tools you can use in the 4 key areas of your business.
  • Building relationships with clients, making use of staff and creating ongoing work.
  • The reason why people don’t approach these key areas in a systematic way.
  • Recommendations on structuring emails for companies.