How Marketing Will Help You Even When You’re Crazy Busy

Often business owners overlook marketing when their business is crazy busy, I mean you’re busy already right? Why would you need to market? Well in today's episode I spoke with Melanie Gardener from The Joinery Coach Marketing Agency and we discussed why this is actually the wrong way to look at things.

Many people find that waiting for when you “need work” to look at marketing actually places themselves behind the mark, and can easily place you in a spot of work famine if you haven’t planned ahead, as they say, hindsight is 20/20. 

So in this episode we talk about ways to keep your business ahead and discuss the many ways marketing can fit into an already tight schedule.

In this episode

  • Why marketing is essential even while busy

  • How consistent marketing can eliminate work famine

  • How to get off the business rollercoaster