Where You Begin is Not Where You End Up -  An Amazing Chat With Matt Jones from The Site Shed

Meet Matt Jones.

Formerly a plumber, Matt noticed that a lot of the other agencies and digital companies out there weren’t taking care of ‘trade based businesses’ the right way (or at all).

This led him to start his own Digital Agency Tradie Web Guys, which provides digital solutions such as websites and marketing strategies specifically for trade based businesses.

His love for educating and teaching resulted in the development of The Site Shed. The Site Shed is a dedicated podcast and training resource for trade based business owners across the globe.

It started as a way to provide relevant, helpful information to the industry and has now grown into one of the world’s leading education platforms for tradies and contractors.

Matt is also a founding expert at tradiematepro.com.au, which is a business coaching platform for tradies and contractors.

Matt lives on the East Coast of Australia with his wife, Amanda and daughter, Neve. When he's not working, you'll either find him surfing, skiing, or training.

In this episode

  • How to use your passions to achieve your goals

  • How you do not need to stay stuck in one place, you can get help to move forward

  • The best things to focus on to grow your own skills and knowledge as well as you business