Create Your Recovery Plan Now - Part 2

After the success of our first workshop, we partnered with ACFA and House of Social to host this second part of our series of helping you survive this crisis so you can Thrive when better times arrive.


As an industry, as well as in general, we are faced with some serious challenges right now.

  • How will you survive this current threat?
  • How can you change and adapt in business fast enough to help you now?
  • How can you create a PLAN that will help you survive this downturn so you can be a stronger business to be able to THRIVE when the recovery happens?
  • How do you change your marketing message to have a new customer with new wants and needs respond to you?
  • What can you do with your staff from an HR perspective right now to protract your business, keep your team strong but also follow HR rules?

In this episode

  • These are all things and more we will discuss in this live and interactive workshop:
  • Bruce Poling from The Joinery Coach will teach you how to create a survival plan
  • Dean Brakell and Monique Penton from ACFA will talk about the state of the Industry.
  • Melanie Gardener and Rebecca Foster from House of Social will talk about the best way to market your business right now.
  • Identify with the end goal is .... ie - a huge upturn in the economy and massive opportunities for you and your business