What to Think About Before Buying Expensive Business Software

In today's episode I decided to talk about a topic some might think is as important as it is: how to go about buying the right software for your business. A lot of business owners, as their business grows, start to look for a way to automate their business, but it’s important not to view software as some kind of solution, rather something that’s just done as it's told.


It’s always important to think about which software is right for you and your business, as some might seem like a solution at the time but you find it clashes with other systems you already have running, so I hope in this episode I can help guide your thinking towards something that’ll benefit you.

In this episode

  • How software can help automate your business
  • A look into the concept of “Silo Creation”
  • The reason why most ERP software have a 70% failure rate
  • The importance of building software expectations from a neutral source