How To Run a Profitable Joinery Manufacturing Business and Travel The World


In this episode I talk with Darren McKavanagh from The Kitchen Builder who has built an amazing manufacturing business while still being able to travel the world. When Darren started in 2002, his big “lightbulb” moment was when he received a huge check from a customer that Darren had no part in the job. It was then he realized that he could create a business that didn't need him doing everything and he could have the lifestyle he wanted. This is not to say Darren doesn't still work hard and take risks in business. But it is an example for us all that you can achieve this with a good plan and a mixture of Smart AND Hard work.

These and many more techniques and systems are what we guide businesses on in our GPS program that has proven for many years to help create the efficient and profitable business you have been striving for.

In this episode

  • Key things to Darren’s success
  • What Darren suggests you focus on to achieve what you want
  • The importance of systems
  • The role your team plays in all of this