Find Hidden Cash - Episode 3​

In this third episode of our Find Hidden Cash Series we talk about the idea of keeping a list of clients you’ve worked with in the past, sometimes during dry business periods past clients can be worth their weight in gold. It’s important however not to attempt to sell something directly, but rather view the interaction as if you’re giving the client “gifts”, as this eventually attracts them back to you rather than making them feel like they’re being hunted.

Furthermore, it’s important to build trust with potential clients or past clients as this is what makes them comfortable enough to use your service. We look in this episode how to build said trust and in what way it affects your business.

In this episode

  • “Busy” might not automatically mean “Good”
  • How to interact with previous clients to keep their business
  • How to grow your client base through past clients
  • The importance of not looking to “hunt” past clients back but slowly attract them back in
  • The Importance of Trust