How To Grow Your Joinery Business In These Uncertain Times - Hot Seat with Greg Harman​


Today I  had an inspirational and interesting chat with Greg Harman from “Greg Harman Joinery” in New Zealand. Greg and his wife Ginny have been operating this business for 35 years and are very dedicated to making it the best business it can be for both their staff and their clients. 


They joined us in The Joinery Coach GPS program about 4 months ago and have been kicking goals ever since.  Greg talks about the years prior to joining the program where they, like all businesses have had some ups and downs but are now dialing things up to the next level.


Greg, like so many joinery business owners came from a trade background and has needed to upskill his “business” skills and that is exactly where he is now getting the wind from.  By actively learning new business skills and techniques and rapidly applying them, Greg is seeing amazing results.

In this episode

  • How to use your past experience to learn best practice into the future

  • How it is never too late to learn new things

  • Why you might want to consider starting sooner, rather than later to fill in your business knowledge gaps

  • How to ask for help