How To Sell More Work At YOUR Price

Last week we ran a live workshop on “how to improve sales conversions and get the price you want” and it was a massive hit with the group.

At The Joinery Coach we have been helping joinery business owners learn how to first create a repeatable sales process that produces the outcome of high conversions (ie – 70-80%) and is easily passed on and taught to other people coming into the business.

Too often the business owner feels they are the only one that can do sales because customers want to buy from them only. This is not really the case, potential customers want to be certain that they’ll have their wants and needs met, and if they know the business owner is ensuring their employees are doing that, your potential customer will be just as happy working with a good person in the sales department.

The process I show you in the episode has already helped 100s of business owners improve conversion rates, I hope it does the same for you.

In this episode

  • How to create a repeatable sales process anyone can follow
  • How to ensure you only work with “A” grade clients
  • How to help a prospect get that “gut feeling” that you are the right person to award the job to even if you are a little more expensive.