Create Your Recovery Plan Now

In episode 7 of The Joinery Business Podcast, during this time of uncertainty and misinformation, our role is to create clarity, certainty and focus for you on what your need to do to "survive" this short period of time, so we can be strong together when the up-turn in the economy happens, and we will all struggle to keep up with demand.


This is a live workshop I did by inviting everyone in the industry together and chatting about how to create a survival strategy so you can make sure you get through this time and be stronger in the end..

In this episode

  • Find some reality and clarity from all the fake news and misinformation
  • Create clarity on how you can move forward in securing the future for your joinery business
  • Identify with the end goal is .... ie - a huge upturn in the economy and massive opportunities for you and your business
  • We will then begin creating step 1 - Your survival plan